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Here we go again!

Every time I make one of these resolutions about blogging often, I end up with the same script. I would

  • Explore the perfect theme that will go with my writing
  • If I don't find a perfect theme, contemplate switching the platforms I use
  • Based on 1 & 2, spend time either trying out a new blogging engine, theme or a workflow to publish my blogs.
  • Write a single blog post about the thing that I had on my mind.
  • Rinse and repeat when it's time for a new post.

As a result, this blog has changed it's theme quite often. And it's not only the themes that have changed, I've equally explored the engine underneath from Wordpress, Jekyll to more recently Ghost. Playing with servers, setting up scripts and workflows give me an enchanting feel that can only be paralleled by buying new stationary. However, all these explorations have not really led to my blog being active in the first place. After 8 years of being on the interwebs, this blog has a grand total of 12 posts. My blog has had more themes than posts.

And this was not a problem until now. I used to be quite active on Twitter and share updates/thoughts. But thanks to recent events surrounding Twitter's acquisition, I've been reminded of how ephemeral posting content on other sites can be.

So here's me - publishing yet another blog post, in the hopes that I am able to set up a decent streak this time around.